Thursday, June 28, 2012

My First Disney 5k

     My First Disney 5k
                By TS

(I had ablog before but I forgot the password to it. So this is the story I wrote originallywrote from my old blog.)

“Get up, get up, get up it’s time to go to Disney,” Shrieked my mom excitedly at 6:00 a.m in the morning of October 14th, 2011. I leaped out of bed, and started packing. I made sure to pack my dsi, phone, ipod, and the chargers to them. I put them in my favorite used backpack I use to use at school. I ran out to my mom’s truck it is a 2006 maroon Avalanche, and put my backpack in the back so I can easily reach back there. I went back in my house and mom had all the luggage in the living room. I carried 3 bags and so did mom we raced to the maroon truck happily. “Lalalalala,’’ sang mom and I. I ran in the house to get us some drinks and snacks. I vastly climbed in the front seat put the snack in the back seat “off we go,” mom sang. Mom and I started talking for a while, and then I got bored and put my ear phones and turn my ipod touch on and listened to music. I put on one of my favorite song Imma Zoe by Black Dada. After a while, I got bored and started playing with my dsi. I started taking funny pictures it and then I took a picture of the landscape, and then I got bored of that and started playing Super Mario 64 DS and got 14 stars. “Almost to the sign honey,” mom said. I threw everything in the back seat, and got out my phone and turned on the camera. When we got out side of the entrance I took a picture of mickey and sent it to Facebook. When we got there we found out we printed the wrong hotel. The mistake one was All-star Movies, our actual one was All-star Sports. Mom and I signed carried out luggage to our room 2268. My Nene was sing in a joining room with us. She has to kids named Thomas and Matthew which are my cousins. After we unpacked mom, and I went to E.S.P.N World Wide of Sports to get our goodie bags for our 5k. When I walked in the place to get the goodie bags I was amazed, it was huge! The place was bigger than a football field! In the bags were my 5k numbers, 5k shirts, energy bar, and a geico water bottle. Then mom got me and her some special running socks After that walking out of that breathe taking building we when to eat lunch. I was surprised to know that it was 11:00, it felt like it was later. We met my Uncle Brian, Aunt Susan, Sunny, Summer, Nene, Thomas, Matthew, and grandma at the restraunt in E.S.P.N. I order chicken strips and fries. They didn’t have enough tables for 10 people all of them were full. So we just sat at four different tables. I sat with Sunny, Thomas, and Matthew, they were all ENTERGIZED! After that we went back to our rooms and dropped off our goodie bags. I got a jack sparrow hat with dread locks, and mom put eyeliner on my eyes and drew a mustache. Mom and I went down to the bus stop to the magic kingdom, we were late. So we wait to wait 5 minutes for the next bus. When we got to the park entrance, the workers checked us and we had to put our park cards though the machine. It didn’t take a time to find our crew. Every time we go to Disney world about once a year we meet in the same place the plaza, after the stroller room. We rode about 10 ride or more. Then the Halloween party started and we trick or treated, but had to watch out for peanut butter because Matthew is allergic to peanuts. Then a life change experience happened, I will never ever ever forget at 11:36! We went on Thunder Mountain, and soon as it went started and got to the top of the highest part the fireworks started! After that we went back to the hotel and went to bed. “Wake up sweetie” whisper and shook me. I got up got dressed in my favorite jogging shorts and shirt. Put on the special socks mom got my, the hugged my feet just right! Put on my favorite tennis shoes and went down to the bus to animal kingdom. The bus wasn’t and tour bus. It as these comfortable seated charter bus. When the 5k started I had butterflies in my stomach. Then when we actually got in the park, and started running. The butterflies flew away. It was funner, easier, and shorter than I thought it would be! I wanted it to keep going and going. But unfortunately that didn’t happen…! But I could tell you this. I couldn’t wait till February… the next 5k ill run in!!!

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